Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has questions. As experienced brokers, managers and
analysts of business and consumer mailing lists we are pleased to
provide answers to as many important questions as possible. We hope you will find this list helpful. If your
question is not addressed, please call (914) 771-6640 or contact
. One of our data professionals will respond shortly.

How are response mailing lists and compiled mailing lists different?

Response and Compiled mailing lists are the two main types of lists on the market. A Response list is
comprised of individuals or companies who have taken an action. These people/companies have purchased from a
catalog, have subscribed to a magazine, have replied to a space advertisement, or have 'opted-in' to receive
an e-mail solicitation.

On the other hand, a Compiled list is made up from such sources as public records, questionnaires and
registration forms, telephone directories, business incorporation papers, and realty filings. Complete
Mailing Lists follows all best practices to ensure the quality and deliverability of the compiled mailing
lists we offer.

How do I find mailing lists that identify my audience?

Mailing lists are our specialty, and CML makes it easy!

  1. Begin by describing the universe of people/businesses that you want to contact. We have access to
    over 70,000 mailing lists through our databases.
  2. We will identify the mailing lists that best meet your specifications and present you with a

*The list information/recommendation is supplied to you at no cost. href="/contact-us-for-direct-mailing-lists">Learn how it's done.

How do I buy mailing lists I have identified as appropriate to reach my

All CML are the property of the list owner and you actually rent the list on a one-time usage basis
rather than buying the data. Multiple usage can be arranged by agreement, as well as access to the data
by contract.

  1. First, you submit a copy of your mail piece or telemarketing script for list owner approval.
  2. Next, you submit an outline describing the criteria you are interested in renting.
  3. Finally, you pay the rental charges and the mailing lists are shipped to you.

Let CML assist you with every step of the process.

How much do mailing lists cost? How can CML save me money?

The price of mailing lists is set by the specific list owner, and you are charged based on the quantity
of records that you rent. The industry standard is that you are given a quantity discount if you order a
substantial number of records.

There are other factors that may effect the price of mailing lists, including integration with your own
business data or customization of individual records ("selects"). Call (914) 771-6640 for information
about the complete range of services that CML can provide.

What is a mailing list broker?

As a broker of mailing lists, we at CML are responsible for conducting all the list research and making
list recommendations for the mailer. In addition, a good list broker performs price negotiation, clears
the sample mail piece, tracks the orders, and in general is the go-between for the mailer and the list
owner. Learn more about how we do data right.

What is the difference between a mailing list broker and a mailing list

As a manager we are responsible for maximizing the performance of mailing lists by maintaining the
integrity of the database, performing stringent hygiene and generating regular usage and performance
reports. This ensures that the mailing lists you buy are of the highest quality possible.

Why use a mailing list broker? What can CML do for me that others can't?

As a mailing list broker Complete will do all the leg work for you – research, consultation, price
negotiation, tracking details. The services of a good list broker come to the mailer at no cost. (The
list broker is paid the industry standard commission by the list owner). So, the better the mailing list
broker, the better the mailing lists, and at no added charge for the mailer. CML has been at the
epicenter of the Big Data boom and the rise of direct marketing profitability for over 20 years. href="/mailing-list-broker">Learn how we, as brokers can make a difference for you.

What is a datacard, and how do I use the CML datacard look-up?

A data card is an informational brief that describes mailing lists. The data card will reveal list
composition, pricing structure, selectability, delivery etc.

CML offers an alphabetical list of our datacards available for review. Visit Search

What does the /M on a mailing list data card mean?

This is the most commonly used unit of measure for pricing mailing lists. The /M stands for the cost per
every one-thousand records ordered. The mailer is charged a base rate dollar amount for every 1,000
names. Therefore, a list that costs $90/M is the same as 9 cents per name. In addition, there may be a
per-thousand charge for each selectable item.

Does CML let me customize orders? Can I order segments of mailing lists?

Yes! Most mailing lists contain a variety of selects for the mailer to choose from which will help
identify and target the correct audience. So, for most mailing lists, if your offer is geared towards a
specific geography, age range, business type, etc, you are permitted to select just those records. Call
(914) 771-6640 or contact us for
information about selects available from any list.

Why is the minimum order quantity of mailing lists 5,000 records?

For almost all response mailing lists, the minimum order quantity is 5,000 records. 5,000 is typically
the minimum number of records needed to mail in order to determine if the list has actually worked

How quickly can I receive my mailing lists from CML?

The actual time from placing an order to delivery varies depending on the size of the output and
complexity of the order specifications. But be assured a majority of all orders are actually delivered
in less then 5 minutes upon approval. Some orders are available in less then 1 minute. Orders that use
complex select criteria may take upwards of an hour, but that is a very rare occurrence.

Once I order and receive mailing lists, are the names mine to keep?

No. Orders for mailing lists are placed with the condition that you will only mail or telemarket the
records one time. If a prospect responds to your offer, then they become part of your database. If you
want to re-solicit the list, we can place a 'reuse' order and you will be entitled to contact the
records again. You will be charged a slightly lower cost for the second usage.

How would the owner know if I used the mailing lists more than once?

The list owner includes 'seed' names in each list. Seed names are dummy records that become part of the
mailer's campaign. If a seed gets solicited more than once, then the list owner will know that the
record was mailed a second time.

What is my guarantee that the mailing list will be successful for me?

We cannot guarantee that the list we recommend, and you select, will be successful. But we can guarantee
that our knowledge and expertise in the list business will ensure that you will be mailing to your
targeted audience. The responsiveness of mailing lists depends on many variables, such as the
effectiveness of your offer, price, creative content, competition, as well as the time of year in which
you mail.

What kind of consultative assistance does CML offer?

We offer a range of consultative services that can help you gain a better understanding of your own data
as well as mailing lists you might purchase. We offer a multi-faceted approach to evaluating every
aspect of your mailing to maximize success. Learn more.

What is the cost of this help?

CML was created to ensure the best quality mailing lists, with the best customer service, at the fairest
prices. The needs of every customer come first. There is never a cost to help you reach your goal of
finding the right data, no matter how many times we have to run new counts, suggest new ideas, or
discuss our products. Call us at (914) 771-6640 and see.